Mary Jane Lamontagne


I'm Mary Lamontagne and I am a brain aneurysm survivor, My story seems dull, because my aneurysm was diagnosed & coiled without any life threatening events. However the emotional toll was great. I own a restaurant, so my time before my coiling was spent getting the business in order, training employees (and the regular customers) to function in my absence. My grown children and my husband insisted on being at the hospital when I checked in, even though I thought it was unnecessary. After my surgery, when I awoke from the anesthetic, the reality set in. This was brain surgery!  I had dodged a bullet.

My goal within the group is to lobby to require health insurance companies to pay for screening to make sure everyone's aneurysm can be detected early enough to be repaired before they rupture so their stories can have happy endings like mine. 

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation - San Antonio Chapter
Contact:  Mickey Urias, 210-204-9878
Web Content Focal: or 210-744-5821